School Rules

  1. Always show respect to your instructors and training partners. Adult students will call the black belt instructor by his/her name, sensei, or coach. If a higher belt student asks you to roll or train, do not say “no.” It is disrespectful to refuse an upper belt student. Kid’s class students will use Mr. before the name of the instructor or call him/her sensei or coach. Call other students by their name or nickname.
  2. Kids Class – No gum, candy, or drinks on the mats. Children must sit with their legs crossed (Indian Style), raise their hand to be noticed, and cannot leave the mat area without the instructor’s permission.
  3. Hygiene- Shower regularly and use deodorant. Keep fingers and toe nails short and clean to prevent injury to yourself and others. Bring a clean, dry gi to each class and a towel to wipe your sweat.
  4. Mat Cleanliness – Do not walk on the mat with your shoes on so that we may prevent the spread of germs. Do not walk outside with bare feet. If you have go outside or to the bathroom, wear sandals or shoes.
  5. Illnesses – Do not attend class if you are sick, or have a skin disease. You will not be allowed to train.
  6. Sparring – Always shake your sparring partner’s hand before and after a sparring session. Do not seek to harm fellow students physically (ex. cranking a submission harder than necessary to make them tap, using your superior size and weight on a smaller person, or hitting/kicking too hard). You must train seriously and hard enough for you and your partner to improve his or her skills, conditioning, and game. Not giving your best during training does not help either of you to improve. Also, when a higher ranking student (higher belt) ask you to roll, you must not refuse to roll (It’s disrespectful.)
  7. Distractions – Do not talk while the instructor is talking. It distracts those who are trying to learn and it is disrespectful to the teacher, as well as other students.
  8. Coaching – Parents, please do not coach or instruct your child on what to do while training because you may tell them something that is incorrect or not safe to do for themselves or the other students. Coaching is only done by the coaches.
  9. Mat Etiquette – Bow to the flags before stepping on and off the mat. Do not take off your gi top until class has ended. Sit or stand on the mat when instruction is taking place or when class is in session but NEVER lie down on the mat.
  10. Cell Phones – If your cell phone rings during class, please silence it.
  11. Technique Training – If the instructor has not changed the technique, continue doing the technique (do not practice other techniques.) Also, do not sit around talking because you feel you have done a technique enough times. You can NEVER do a technique too many times.
  12. Language – Do not use any profanity.
  13. Dress Code – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class requires that the uniform affixed with our school patch on the chest be worn with the same color top and bottom and a t-shirt/rashguard underneath the top. No-Gi requires a rashguard/under armor shirt and Board/MMA Shorts. Kids BJJ class requires that the uniform with our patch affixed on the chest be worn with the same color top and bottom and a t-shirt/rashguard underneath the top. Kids MMA class requires shorts/warm up pants (no pockets) and a t-shirt.

By following these rules, we will be professional, grow in knowledge and physical ability while maintaining a safe and respectful environment.