Kids/Teens BJJ

Everyone wants to see their children walk in confidence, live healthy lives, and hold their heads high among their peers! At Warriors for Christ BJJ we take instilling these qualities in our kids programs to the next level. It is very important to start molding our children at a young age and understand that they can accomplish anything they want to in life. Warriors for Christ BJJ will create as strong bond with the students and teach them the important principles of: leadership, responsibility, respect for self and respect for others.

Warriors for Chris BJJ will give your children the understanding and self-control to deal with situations that they may encounter in life, while creating a strong platform for unshakable self-confidence. In the process of teaching your children all of these great things, they will also be able to create a more relaxed and controlled environment while in the company of other children.

Each of the Warriors for Christ BJJ class involves a combination of strength and coordination, physical exercises, stranger awareness drills, safety tips for children, and self-defense techniques. All of these great things combined will allow your child to become a great Martial Artist in a safe, fun, family environment.

Most importantly, at Warriors for Christ BJJ we always focus on the development of our children inside and outside the gym. Unlike most Martial Arts Academy’s, we strive for and embrace family values and truly care about what happens to our children and their families at all times.

Kids class start at age 4